Web Development

Our strengths are simplicity through design coupled with technical excellence

Our focus is on producing functional, great looking websites and eCommerce solutions.

We specialise in providing services to small/medium sized businesses, non-profits and individuals, where a web presence can make the greatest difference.

Web design

We create beautiful but functional websites that produce results for you; whether to sell your products, generate interest or advertise your capabilities.

We use the latest technologies but believe in the simplicity of design to provide a long lasting and maintainable site for you. Our sites are also responsive; meaning they look great when viewed on the desktop, tablet or mobile device.

If you already have a website which uses the technologies we specialise in and need it to be extended; then look no further than us. Custom development is one of our strengths and we can produce modules, add-ons and themes as required.


Our development process is designed exclusively around your needs.

webdevelprocess_meet.pngOnce you've decided that you want us to work for you; our first step is to meet with you so that we can understand your vision and to get to know you

webdevelprocess_design.pngAfter that we'll develop a concept model of your vision and then provide multiple mock-up and prototype designs to make sure that the design remains consistent with your vision throughout the development process

webdevelprocess_plan.pngWe work in an agile but low risk manner, producing weekly snapshots of your site so you can see real progress and provide feedback if necessary. We're also completely transparent and will highlight any issues along the way so that you can be confident that the project will succeed

webdevelprocess_test.pngNeedless to say that all of our work is thoroughly tested and you'll always be able to see where the project is and what remains to be done.

webdevelprocess_analytics.pngBefore launch, appropriate training and documentation will be produced and post launch we'll show you how you can monitor and report on the site analytics so that you can be assured that your investment is heading in the right direction!



At the heart of most useful web sites lies some sort of Content Management System (CMS). These make the publishing and editing of web content easy to do allowing you to focus on information rather than the technology required to publish it. There are other benefits to using a CMS as well:webcloud1.png

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This means that search engines such as Google can find and reference the information on your site. There is a lot more to effective SEO but a CMS provides the basic tools to get you started.
  • Functionally rich. With a CMS you get a lot of complex functionality already built into it such as access control, image handling, cross browser compatibility and instant editing.
  • Customisable. CMS allow your site to be branded in the way you wish though the use of consistent styling and colour. A good CMS can also be extended to support any functionality through the development of modules and add-ons, so your specific needs can always be met.
  • Analytics. With analytics you can determine the number of visitors your site is attracting, where they are from and what they are looking at.

We only use the most popular and capable CMS's: Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla; with Drupal being our preferred system due to it's flexibility and capabilities.


The growth of internet sales is phenomenal and with a secure, visually appealing site eCommerce is your most effective online tool for increasing sales.

We focus on SME's so whether you are just starting out and want to build an online business or you are an established company looking to increase sales then we can provide a solution tailored to your needs.

Our expertise is in Magento and Drupal Commerce, platforms trusted by leading brands, which provide easy management of your products, secure cart and accounting integration.


Other features that you can expect from an eCommerce solution are:

  • Marketing and Promotion tools, such as promotional pricing, coupons, new items, comparable products
  • Site Management, including multiple roles and users, multiple language support, variable tax rates
  • Catalog Management, such as product groups, virtual and digital products, multiple product attributes, inventory
  • Product Browsing including product comparison, advanced search, popular items, layered navigation
  • Checkout, Payment and Shipping with secure ordering, one page checkout, shopping cart, integration with payment systems, shipping integration
  • Order Management such as order tracking, fulfillment, invoices, assisted shopping, email notification
  • Customer Management including customer details, history, re-orders and tracking
  • Mobile Commerce with support for smart phones and tablets
  • Analytics and Reporting with Google Analytics integration, dashboard and reports for sales, stock, most popular products and many others

With an eCommerce presence your store can stay open every day of the year!



Search engine optimisation (SEO) quite simply is the process of getting your website ranked on search engines.

How this is done depends on your needs - whether your focus is on global or local customers or social contacts - your competition and your current SEO status.

We specialise in organic growth through SEO rather than pay per click (PPC) campaigns since this delivers up to six times the long term value to you.

Our SEO services

SEO is a sophisticated ongoing process which requires a long term commitment to keep you ranked highly. We'll either provide the tools to help you do this or better still work with you on an ongoing basis.

  • Keyword research, including identification, prioritisation and selection
  • Competitor analysis, discovering who they are, their rankings, who links to them and analysis of their content
  • Goal identification, for example increase in visitors, awareness, sales growth
  • Discovery, the analysis of your current website and business.
  • Social promotion via sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Local promotion so that local people can find you
  • Link building strategy, including backlink analysis showing how other sites are linked to yours and link identification
  • Analytics reporting against many features and trends for example visitor numbers, their location, what they view, length of stay and referrals
  • Analysis of your site, including structure, relevancy and immediacy of your content

Let's get started!

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