Agile software development

Software designed according to your needs

We produce bespoke (custom written) software to meet your specific needs when an off the shelf package cannot. We can also integrate existing systems to reduce manual work and improve the quality of information.

From desktop to enterprise, we cover the whole spectrum of software development and have expert skills in systems architecture, design, implementation, test and delivery. We're committed to agile development practices, open source solutions and total project transparency so you always know that your investment is safe.

Everything we produce is owned by you - there will be no worries about IPR or licensing.

We have experience of everything from desktop applications to enterprise systems and specialise in development for SMEs, where we can have the greatest impact.

Bespoke development

Custom-made software enables you to achieve a real competitive advantage by meeting your specific needs without compromise.

It fits around your business whereas packaged software often requires you to fit your processes around it. Whether it be in automating repetitive tasks, improving the quality of information or reducing errors; bespoke software will do whatever you want it to.

Contrary to popular belief, bespoke software need not be expensive when compared to packaged software especially if the latter requires customisation to support how your business works; and of course most packages do not integrate with one another so tasks become fragmented across applications.

Our expertise in design results in software which is both maintainable and extensible, so you can be sure that your business application can respond to change and adapted over time.

Systems integration and SOA

Do you want to automate business processes by integrating disparate applications, connect your application to a 3rd party system, or need to make your services available to others via a service oriented architecture (SOA)?

We have the expertise to help.

Integrating applications is challenging, requiring the right choice of technology for the problem in hand - whether that be by custom APIs, database extraction, transformation technologies, web services or messaging over an ESB - so you need a partner who has a broad range of experiences.

Providing a standalone electronic service through SOA is even more challenging.

Through identification of natural service interfaces through to choice of a suitable platform to support SOA and subsequently to implementation and delivery; it often requires significant business transformation, commitment and of course the right choice of technology partner.

Let's get started!

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