How we work

We work predominately with SME's because we believe that's where we can add most value

Our Processes

Our ethos is to develop software - whether that be bespoke, web or mobile - according to agile principles. Our focus is on working collaboratively with you rather than using a heavyweight management process.

We also achieve excellence in design from over 20 years of real development experience; everything from firmware to enterprise systems.

When working with us you can expect:

  • An acceptance that you'll want to change your mind about some things as development progresses
  • Quality at every step, making sure the right thing is built (through collaboration) and what is built is right (through exhaustive testing)
  • Simplicity in design, whatever the level of problem complexity
  • A risk driven project management approach where we'll tackle the high risk/high business benefit features first
  • Transparency during the project through regular 'drops' of working software
  • Openness and honesty throughout - because we're interested in a long standing relationship with you


We use the same hourly rate irrespective of whether a project is done on a fixed contract or time and materials basis. Our overheads are low allowing us to offer very competitive rates.

You'll also only ever be charged for work when it adds value to your project and there are no hidden charges.

And because you'll see regular snapshots of progress you'll feel confident that our charges match the value being added.


Because we are confident that our processes deliver a quality end result, we offer a six month warranty on all of our work. There are some exclusions of course but we believe that you should be able to reasonably extend our software without a fault occurring.

Registered: England & Wales - No. 03794301