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The market defining Rigel Multi-Flo Infusion Pump Analyser is a portable instrument to accurately and swiftly verify the performance of all infusion devices.

Rigel quickly integrated Multi-Flo with their asset management software MedeBase, and at the same time introduced remote control and real time monitoring of these test instruments.

About Rigel Medical

With over three decades of experience, Rigel Medical manufactures a comprehensive range of advanced technology Biomedical test equipment, including a dedicated range of Electrical Safety Analysers, all-in-one Vital Signs Simulator, NIBP Simulator, SPO2 Simulator, ECG Simulator, Defibrillator Analysers and Ventilator Testers.

The Project: MedeBase - MutliFlo integration

The challenge

The MultiFlo infusion analyser has the capability to carry out complex test sequences (such as flow/volume, PCA and Occlusion tests) on medical infusion pumps.

MedeBase is software which provides both asset management and test automation functionality. It's test automation features allow Rigel test instruments to carry out a sequence of automated tests which are defined and controlled in MedeBase. Tests results and certificates are stored and generated.

The challenge was to integrate this new instrument with MedeBase and at the same time provide new features such as remote control of multiple instruments, real-time charting and statistical error calculations.

Our contribution was twofold: (i) to aid in establishing the overall product requirements and, (ii) the design and implementation of real-time charting, certificate generation and error calculations.

The results

The MultiFlo test instrument has been successfully integrated with MedeBases' test monitoring system; giving Rigel a key product in the infusion pump test market.

The MultiFlo itself now leads the way for Rigel and has been showcased at recent Health Exhibitions.

Project facts

We worked collaboratively with the MedeBase development team, providing weekly snapshots of the modules assigned to us. Progress reporting was done in accordance with Rigels project management standards.


Git, Visual studio, TDD, MFC, Qt, Qwt, C++, HTML


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Steve Rudd, BSc MSc MIET C.Eng, Principal Engineer

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