Peter Haggerston pencil portraits

Artist Peter Haggerston specialises in pencil portraits of people and pets.

After many years of providing great drawings for local people Peter decided to broaden his audience, so we created a simple but stylish site where his best works could be shown.

About Peter Haggerston

Peter Haggerston is a talented artist specialising in drawing portraits of people and pets. He works almost exclusively in pencil.

Local to the North East of England Peter has lived there since a child and has sketched for as long as he can remember.

In recent years Peter has become interested in realism and creating realistic drawings. His favourite drawing subjects are people and animals and unusual subjects that capture movement such as water or tears on faces.

The Project: Peter Haggerston web site

The challenge

New artists rely heavily on commissions. Effectively displaying and advertising their work is key to generating interest for them.

Peter wanted a web site where he could feature art works which both reflected his best and most recent work; and at the same time display the wide range of subjects he'd covered in his drawings.

Our challenge was therefore to create a site which reflected the mood of his work and allowed it to be advertised effectively.

The results

Peter now has a web site where his art work can be enjoyed. The key features of the site are:


  • A simple but effective design
  • Styled using the same shades as his art pencils!
  • A stylish home page with his featured work taking a prominent position
  • Gallery of work organised according to its subject matter
  • 'Lightbox' images of the art so that it can be viewed in more detail
  • Peters' Blog
  • Drawing tips organised as a book; where new pages can be added and arranged into chapters
  • A responsive site design which looks great on tablet and mobile devices
  • SEO friendly submissions to the major search engines

Peters' web site now ranks alongside those listed in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.

Project facts

From initial discussions to a live web site took only three weeks. Wireframes and a prototype design were delivered within a four days; a snapshot web site showing work as it was developed was available mid-way through the second week; and the final version of the site went live at the end of week 3 of the project.


Drupal, HTML, Javascript

Let's get started!

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